Large Rotating Machines Monitoring and Condition Assessment

Miguel Simas

EDP - Power Generation Company, Maintenance Manager

Short Biography:

Miguel Simas is a Maintenance Manager in the Power Generation Company, part of EDP Group, with a large experience in the field of Fossil Power Plants. EDP Produção covers the activities of conception, project, management, installation of site supervision, commissioning and operation & maintenance. Miguel’s recent works include Overalls Management and Commissioning (with dynamic balancing) of Turbines, Generators, and their auxiliary Equipment in Fossil Power Plants. His work experience also includes Operation and Maintenance of Rotating Machines for over 25 years.


Nowadays, a greater and greater operation flexibility and reliability of the electrical rotating machines is required, especially in the electrical generation process with thermal origin, due to the surplus energy capacity and the market change for renewable energy. On the other hand, the design and manufacturing of new electrical rotating machines has to face an increasingly competitive market where the cost reduction is a must, with an impact on reliability.

In order to meet the challenges of flexibility imposed by the market, while ensuring the best reliability of these machines, this paper covers the monitoring strategy, condition assessment and corrective measures adopted for the critical electrical rotating machines fleet of EDP Produção – a EDP Group Company.

In this context, “on-line” and “off-line monitoring” and “condition assessment” techniques of turbine generators and electrical motors will be described, as well as the result interpretation and some case studies.